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Best free PC games 2022: the Free To Play guide

Best free PC games 2022: the Free To Play guide
Best free PC games 2022: the Free To Play guide

The best free PC games in 2022 to download, an original selection. The offer of Free To Play PC games has grown significantly in recent years. In addition, Free To Play business models are mature and they allow frustration-free gaming for players who will not pay. This kind of economic model makes it possible to have larger communities of players. While skin purchases and other cosmetic items are enough to fuel the finances.

Moreover, in this selection of the best free PC games in 2022, we have eliminated those with a wobbly economic model, giving too much advantage to players who pay, Pay To Win. The objective of this top is to offer different game genres, from strategy games to MOBAs to MMORPGs.

This is a new shooter / FPS game with original portal mechanics. It is a real success on Steam. Many compare it to a mix of Halo and Portal.

In fact, Splitgate also reminds us a lot of Unreal for the combat dynamics. But with portals, the turnaround is quick. With strategy, it is possible to achieve an unexpected victory. Like any shooting game, you will have to go through a learning phase before fully exploiting the possibilities. If you are looking for something new in the FPS universe, this is one of the best free games in this selection.

The game is in early access. Despite a positive review rate of 55% on Steam, Scavengers, divides players on gameplay, bugs and server quality. As we said, this is an early access game. But despite some flaws that will no doubt be corrected, the concept is interesting.

Scavengers is a combination PVP and PVE with a bit of Battle Royale. Players take on roles based on their character and must defeat both hordes of enemies and other players in teams of three. While surviving a hostile environment and amassing resources, weapons and equipment. There’s a lot of looting, a lot of shooting, crafting, and progression.

Genshin Impact – the Free To Play MMORPG of the moment
Genshin Impact is a new MMORPG of 2022. It breathes new life into the genre. Don’t expect a classic MMO! Both role-playing game, adventure game, crafting game, solo game and cooperative game. Once the main story is over, you will be free to explore the world, the title will then become closer to a classic MMORPG. Genshin Impact has no PvP elements, but battling dungeons with your friends in cross-play co-op will give you an enjoyable experience.

Fans of difficult puzzles and challenges will appreciate Genshin Impact for the size of its universe and the diversity of quests. Finally, others will find a pleasure similar to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Raid: Shadow Legends – a good free game!
You can now play one of 2022’s best-known mobile fighting / RPG games for free on PC. Turn-based combat and managing your squad of heroes takes some strategic thinking. With more than 300 heroes, with their own stats and also unique abilities, you will find real pleasure in optimizing skills and synergy.

Moreover, you can battle online by teaming up with other players in co-op or defeating their team in battle to get valuable rewards.

Rocket League – a reference
Rocket League is going free on all platforms! So no more excuses not to enjoy Crossplay with your friends on PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch. The excellent car football game is available to you. The players compete, the objective is simple, score goals using your personalized racing car. A terribly fun game whether for amateur players or for those looking for competition.

Spellbreak – Free To Play and Battle Royale
A new Battleroyale, but this time you’re a mage. To defeat your opponents, you will have to combine your spells intelligently. At first glance, the battles may seem chaotic, but Spellbreak is a surprisingly simple game to play. Each gauntlet only has two attacks. Attacks are fast and hard-hitting, and you’ll get a real sense of satisfaction watching the world explode into a deluge of magic around you.
Rogue Company
It is the latest of Studio HiRez (Paladin, Smite, Realm Royale). A team-based competitive third-person shooter. So if you need something new, this is the game to discover!

If you don’t know, it’s Ubisoft’s new Battle Royale, in beta from July 2 to July 8. Even if some of you got tired of the genre, it has the merit of bringing a new style of play. Fast, nervous with a lot of verticality, it will certainly appeal to Unreal Tournament fans. The action is permanent, thanks to the ease of resuscitating your teammates. For the moment available only on PC, it will arrive at the end of the year on console PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PS5, with Crossplay.
Valorant – Riot’s free competitive FPS
The new competitive FPS from Riot Games is for many the best free PC games released in 2020. In fact, the development studio has put the means for the launch of the game. In movements, objectives and weapon management, Valorant was inspired a lot by CS:GO. But the choice of characters brings many tactical possibilities, each character has his own skills. Resolutely oriented @Sport, some will not find the fun expected. While those looking for competition will certainly be well served. To participate in the Valorant beta, follow the guide!
Call of Duty: Warzone – the new Battle Royale
Warzone is the free Battle Royale of Call of Duty. And its launch is a success! It offers new mechanics, customizable gear, perks, vehicles, and 150 players battling across the map. So yes ! Warzone is very different from the competition, it’s a real breath of fresh air in the genre.



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