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The Best Android and IPhone Multiplayer Mobile Games 2022

Want to play with your friends? So why not challenge them on one of the best multiplayer mobile games?

The Best Android and IPhone Multiplayer Mobile Games 2022
The Best Android and IPhone Multiplayer Mobile Games 2022

Video games are the first cultural industry. It has strengthened its place on the top step of the podium, in particular thanks to the rise of iPhone and Android games. Indeed, playing on your smartphone has become the daily life of hundreds of millions of people. Also, the developers have understood this and therefore offer us always and even more games.
Playing online with friends is even better!
If playing on your smartphone is fun, playing with your friends is even better. Publishers have understood this and are still offering even more mobile games to compete or collaborate with friends. This principle is also simplified with the drop in the price of data on smartphones, which allows everyone to be able to play easily from an Android mobile phone or an iPhone.

Battle royale, word games, puzzle games, board games or sports games, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to playing for two. With the power of the latest smartphones and ever faster speeds (soon to be 5G), Android and iPhone multiplayer mobile games no longer have any limits.

What games to play online with friends?
There are a multitude of multiplayer mobile games to play with friends on a smartphone or tablet, whether you are on Android or iOS. Also, there is something for everyone as you will see in our selection. Indeed, whether you are more of a fan of board games, word games or even sports games, today there are a whole host of applications available on Google Play or the Appstore.

As it is difficult to test everything, to help you in your choice, we offer you our selection of the best online games with friends.

Our selection of the best multiplayer mobile games
8 ball pool – Favorite online games with friends
Definitely the best multiplayer pool game.

Available on Android and iOS
BF at Sea Refueled
Battleship is a game we have all played. So why not play this online multiplayer game with friends on Android?

Available on Android

Bomber Friends
Surely you know the famous Bomber Man? This is a replica of the game that promises you explosive games with your friends or players from all over the world.

Available on Android and iOS

Draw Something
The soul of an artist? Kind of Draw is Win, this cross-platform online multiplayer game will let your creativity run wild. So don’t wait any longer and play for two with friends or strangers from all over the world.

Available on Android and iOS

Duel Quiz
Challenge your friends on questions of general culture. The game is played in 6 rounds for which in turn a player will choose the theme of the questions. In total the game has more than 25,000.

Mario Kart Tour – The essential free multiplayer mobile game with friends
It’s hard to tell you about multiplayer games without addressing the famous mustachioed plumber’s kart game. Indeed Mario Kart Tour, released on smartphone in 2019, is pure madness.

The game initially offered on the Nintendo console has been very successful in its porting and this mobile version is a real killer.

Many circuits are available to you in solo or multiplayer mode. Challenge your friends with one of the game’s many characters and win the race by not hesitating to use your various bonuses (red, green or blue shell, mushroom, banana, etc.).

Available on Android and iOS.

MatchUp Friends
This memory game will fire up your brains. Facing your opponent, you must find as many pairs as possible in the cards presented to you. It’s quite simply an Android multiplayer memory game.

Available on Android

Mini Golf Matchup
After searching for a long time for a mini-golf game worthy of my smartphone, I finally found it. Also Mini Golf matchup is an online multiplayer game that will allow you to prove to your friends that you have the best put.

If you really like multiplayer golf games, Golf Battle is for you. It offers a frenzy mode in which you compete for first place with 5 other players in a series of several holes where you have to be the fastest.

Available on Android and iOS

Its big strength is to offer hundreds of quiz topics.

Edit: Unfortunately the game published by Glu is no longer available.

Quiz Rush
Another very good online multiplayer game between friends, Quiz Run is yet another quiz game that emphasizes speed. Answering questions correctly is great, but fast is even better! It is rated 4.7 out of 5!

Available on Android

Perhaps you have known the Boggle? Ruzzle takes up the principle. Make the maximum of words in a short time according to the letters proposed.

Available on Android and iOS



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