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What corrections can we expect for February on New World?

The New World teams have published the list of bugs they will fix for the month of February on New World. This is not exhaustive, as other corrections will emerge in the coming weeks.

Overnight, the New World teams released an official statement explaining all the fixes the game was going to get for February’s major update. As a reminder, the month of February will be empty of new things, because the developers want to smooth the game and then introduce new things into the game. It’s annoying, but necessary so that the game can finally bounce back on these legs and enjoy a unprecedented stability.

In order to keep the community informed of the first corrections made in game, the developers have made a list of bugs fixed on the test version of the game, the PTR. The content on the PTR is already established and therefore ready to publish on the live servers. No date was given for the mid-February update, but the last two weeks of February seem to be the most adequate.

Note: the developers have stipulated that on certain points, other corrections will arrive. Therefore, the list below is only the premise of the February patch note.

Find below the various corrections that the developers will bring to New World for this month of February.

Weapon Change

You can now switch weapons while reacting, dodging, traversing, and using consumables (excluding weapon coatings). Changing weapons will not interrupt these actions! In these cases, a one-second cooldown will be applied to prevent instant weapon changes.
Now weapon switches and attacks can be programmed at the same time! So, when you schedule a weapon switch while recovering from an attack, and if you trigger an ability right after, the weapon will be switched at the first frame where an undo of the switch could occur, and the ability will be cast. just after. While actions will still have a delay and undo window, this change will make the weapon switch and ability combo combo easier and more reliable.
We now prevent weapon swap delays from being canceled if unbalanced before the swap.
. Dodge and block

We’ve shortened the cooldown for all of our dodges! Now, the chain between dodging and moving should be more fluid.
Melee or ranged basic attack casts can now be dodged and canceled by blocking up to 2 frames before the first active frame. This is usually the first animation frame, when damage is activated or when the projectile/aiming object appears.
. Jump

Dashing from low objects no longer causes a full landing animation, allowing you to use your momentum to move around.
. Balance Changes

We’ve revamped all weapon types to make a number of abilities and perks more predictable and powerful on the battlefield.
For the Dual Axe, Gravity Well has been significantly overhauled.
The same goes for the musket with Interrupting Power, Sticky Bomb, and Shooter Stance.
Player vs Environment
. AI improvements

We’re introducing a new solution to player-versus-AI collision that’s supposed to significantly reduce knockback when player characters collide with bipedal or simple-form creatures. Quadruped and long creatures will receive a similar change.
Improved AI aiming to avoid attacking the location the player just left (rather than the point they are at at the time).
Reduced the knockback that occurs when blocking most creature attacks.
breaking wave
. Many bugs related to AI and graphics have been fixed.
. The balance of AI weapons and siege weapons has been reworked.
. Points count mechanics for contributions have been reworked:

Now dealing damage increases player scores.
Reduced the number of points recovered when killing enemy players.
Reduced the number of points recovered when killing AI enemies.
. Adjusted rewards for participating in game modes:

Faction Tokens are now awarded when a match is over.
Surge Caches now drop two specific pieces of armor and weapons. Additionally, you now have a 15% chance of receiving a 4th Surging Trinket item.
Significantly increased the chance that Surge Cache rewards will increase player Expertise levels.
Surging Gear now comes with a fixed list of perks that are more suited to PvP combat. Thus, perks like “Monster Protection” will no longer be associated with Surging equipment.
. Replaced “Monster Protection” with “Keen” in “Enigmatic Illusion”. Please note that this change is not retroactive and will only apply to Enigmatic Illusions granted after the hotfix.

Reduced the experience level requirements for the following profession skills by 10%: Dark Arts, Armorsmithing, Engineering, Furnishing, Jewelrycrafting, and Weaponsmithing.
A new trading chat channel has been added to promote your wares!
But, this is only the tip of the iceberg, because on the forum more detailed fixes have been announced. For the most curious or the most courageous, here is the patch note 1 of the Full PTR.



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